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Lobo Farms has a long and varied history.  LOBO -- the first two letters of LOuise & BOb.  Over the years we have raised registered quarter horses, barzona cattle, herford cattle, and now Irish Dexter Catte and South African Boer goats.

Livestock has been our special interest for all of our adult lives.

Our children are grown, married, and blessing us with grandchildren -- There are 7 now!.  We are ready to slow down -- if not completely retire.  The goats and cattle will keep us actively involved in business pursuits we can enjoy for years to come.

We hope you enjoy our website and perhaps you'll find something here that you will need at your house!
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We ride motorcycles when we aren't working at cattle or goats.   That's us on the big yellow Gold Wing.  (Jefferson City, MO
April 2001
Motorcycle Awareness and You [MAY] Rally)
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The whole Reasoner clan were together for Thanksgiving 2010.
And here we are in 2011 on our
Boss Hoss trike.